Spanesi Hoist

Multi Bench electrohydraulic lift suitable for lifting any type of motor vehicle, with a maximum
capacity of 3,000 kg.

Spanesi Touch Electronic Measuring System

A universal measuring system, that allows one to carry out a diagnosis quickly and effectively on damaged vehicles and to certify the correct method of repair, as well as measuring all mechanical parts.

Car-O-Liner Chassis Machine

Car-O-Liner chassis measuring and aligning system ensures your vehicle is restored to the manufacturer's specification.

SEETAL Bake Oven

Our SEETAL bake oven creates a controlled spraying environ­ment allowing maximum paint adhesion possible.

Inverter Spot Welder

Restoring structural integrity in your vehicle with our Inverter spot welder ensures your complete safety.

Computerised Paint System

Our mixing room is equipped with a computerised paint system utilising a Spectro camera to ensure precise colour matching.

Spanesi Touch Measuring System

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