Office and Reception

A separate customer area is provided, where our friendly staff are ready to greet you on arrival to assist you with your enquiries . An Auto­Quote computerised estimate system is used, specifically developed for the collision repair industry, in which photos are loaded onto each job for further reference.

Panel Shop

Our panel shop is clean, spacious, modern and equipped with the latest technology designed to promote accuracy, efficiency and pro­ductivity, together with our fully qualified tradesmen. We use a Car-0-Liner chassis measuring and aligning system, ensuring vehicles are restored to manufactures specifications. Our inverter Spot Welder ensures your complete safety by increasing structural rigidity.

Paint Shop

Envirobased paint is used - the latest technology from PPG paint systems, it's waterbased and environmentally friendly. Our mixing room is equipped with a computerised paint system which utilises a spectro camera to ensure precise colour matching . Optimal conditions for controlled spraying are provided by a SEETAL Bake Oven.


All vehicles are locked in our secure building with camera surveillance

Courtesy Cars

Courtesy cars are available, conditions apply.

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